Rouška cheertwirl pro děti i dospělé za 199 Kč + doprava pouze 59 Kč.



The length of the baton is measured including the ends. The length of the baton should correspond to the length of the arm = from the shoulder to the fingertips.
The twirling baton should always be this length. If it is shorter, rolls especially are poorly performed.
A shorter baton is recommended for majorettes.

arm length will be 62 cm, for beginners majorettes we recommend 60 cm, for experienced majorettes and twirlers 65 cm.


For beginner majorettes, we recommend the best-selling Champy baton with a large and small tip for a price starting at 8,29 €. Here's the link:
We offer the wand with a grip, with a print / e.g. Your name/, with holographic tapes or with a bag for a discounted price from 11,21 €

For intermediate dancers, we recommend the Starly wand with "star" type tips, which is better balanced. Prices from 11,21 €. We also offer with grip, with print / eg. Your name /, with holographic tapes, or with bag…. Here's the link:

For advanced majorettes and twirlers, American batons are the only choice. The most popular are Starline baton - type Super Star 11 or 9 mm, here the link:

We have all types and sizes in stock :)


The grip is used to make the baton more visible when thrown, not to slip on a sweaty palm and, most importantly, to "rub" better during rolls. Working with a wrapped baton is much easier, especially when it comes to rolls.