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How to choose the right size of pompoms

Poms are sold in the following sizes in inches: 4 ”, 5”, 6 ”, 7”, 8 ”, 9” and 10 ”. One inch measures 2.54 cm, so in centimeters these dimensions are about 10 - 12.5 - 15 - 17.5 - 20 - 22.5 - 25 cm. These numbers indicate the radius of the ball, ie the length of the strips from the handle to the end. For the total size of the ball, you must multiply the number by two. We are talking about pompons of the "baton" type with a 5.5 cm handle inside the pom.

Example: the best-selling ball 30 cm in diameter, is composed of strips 15 cm long = size 6 ”.

Choose the size according to what you plan with the pompoms. Among cheerleaders, the most popular size is 4 ”- 6”, ie balls with a diameter of 20 - 30 cm. Conversely, majorettes and cheerleaders with pompoms usually choose the largest sizes - ie 6 "-10". In our experience, we recommend choosing a maximum size of 8 "pompoms, larger pompoms no longer hold the shape of a ball and are also heavier.

In general - the younger the cheerleader, the smaller the pom should be. For small girls (peewees), we therefore recommend quality pompoms in the size of 4 ”(diameter 20 cm). Due to their low weight, these poms are also suitable for fast choreography. However, if pompoms are to be just a costume decoration at a local match and no complicated choreography is practiced with them, even small children can have large poms in their hands up to 8 ”.

Metallic, holographic, crystal?

We currently offer these types of pompoms - metallic, holographic and new are holographic crystal pomy (both types with glowing holograms).

If you want to shine at a performance, there is currently no choice but to buy the best-selling holographic and crystal poms.

The most used size 6 = 30 cm ball..

In addition to larger orders, we offer a free pomps bag for each pair.

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